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2/25/10 01:09 am - ANIMATION

Stolen from someone who probably doesn't know/care I watch them...Collapse )

1/30/10 11:26 am - AWESOME fail moment of the weekend?

goes to... eluneth!!! Otherwise known as Emera over on The Black Letters.

She made a beautiful Bad Book Covers Friday post featuring a John Scalzi cover... and guess who commented scarily fast to correct a mistake in her post? JOHN SCALZI HIMSELF. This stuff is real! It exists in the comments. If you're interested =P

THank you guagers for an amazing weekend. I promise booklish is going up today.

1/8/10 04:07 pm - Features! For your Friday =)

Over on The Black Letters, eluneth and I have launched our first weekly feature, Bad Book Covers Friday. These are intended to provide you with a bit of humor and snark with which to end your week. We have some pppprreetttyyy good ones still lined up so stay tooned!

Here's a sneak peek at today's:

"Would you like a little homoerotic with that rearing sea serpent and straining, tufty-chested figurehead? Oh wait, the person hanging off of his bondage I mean rigging is actually a woman. She seems to be a good hand with that phallic I mean boathook though - plunge it straight into the pink, fleshy folds between Nessie’s lips, that’s it..."

Read the rest at TBL!

Also, we will also be starting another interesting bi-weekly feature on Sunday. I think shenguin will find it most pleasing.

1/1/10 12:30 am

Happy new years!!!

And because I suffer from intense bouts of masochism, I am going to attempt to compile a list of each and eveyr book I bought in 2009.

12/1/09 11:07 pm - I

am. um. officially applying to grad school as of yesterday.

10/7/09 12:30 pm - This may be completely pointless....

But I'll plug anyway.

In the wee hours of the morning, tiffy (axoloti)and i launched our new bjd clothing store! blueberrypecans --> http://blueberrypecans.etsy.com .

We still have a lot more pieces made that need to be photographed! So feeding it is always a good idea =)

Our shop features original clothing specially made for ball-jointed dolls to best express their personalities. Inspired by the beauty of Asian BJDs, we love creating detailed pieces for dolls to have as casual wear or for special photoshoots or meet-ups. Anything that suits your doll’s tastes–we get inspiration from past, present, and future designs, incorporating everything from Renaissance to avant-garde fashions.

Check out our cool stuff!!

And lots more to come! We are long overdue for another photo shoot this weekend. :)

- kakaner + axoloti ♥

10/4/09 03:25 am - oh dear guagers please dont kill me

Today, I inexplicably paid $18 for blue font.

9/28/09 02:33 am - Just a Little Friendly Plugging...

I have to say, this is my absolutely favorite dress that Tiffy has made:


Clicky on the image to see more!!! Halloween prints and dresses are awesome =)

Shes also has some things yet to be listed that are awesomeeeeeee =) We took sweet pictures! Kay I'm done.

8/23/09 11:53 pm - I

mispelled "matchmaker" and typed "mathmaker" instead.


8/17/09 12:31 pm - This is more of something for myself

But I need a concrete reminder of what books are at the absolute top of my to-buy list so I don't forget/deviate again.

Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes
Ubik, by Philip K. Dick
Tipping the Velvet, by Sarah Waters
T.A. Barron books

Less so;

Errrrr... that's it. The absolute top of my tobuy list is ALWAYS ones I've already read ^^;;
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